About Us

ShopAllMortgages.ca and Victoria, BC based owner Brad Herd is Centered on You! It's okay if you are outside of BC as we work with customers mortgages right across Canada! 

Shopallmortgages.ca is connected to the longest standing national mortgage brokerage company in Canada (Mortgage Centre Canada which is part of the Dominion Lending Group of Companies family, providing all levels of mortgage financing options from Coast to Coast).

We're dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision on your mortgage financing needs.

Our mortgage specialists update their knowledge of the current market trends, rates, and regulations regularly, allowing them to provide you with sound guidance and advice.

Your time is valuable, and we're experts in taking care of your financing needs with your best interest in mind. Shopallmortgages.ca “Shops” leading Canadian Banks, Credit Unions, Virtual Banks, and Mortgage Companies, many of which Canadians have trusted since the early 1900’s, and finds the best suited mortgage for you. We also have access to broker-only mortgage lenders, which could offer mortgage rates and features that you may not otherwise have access to.

More importantly, we'll listen and take your needs and goals into consideration when shopping for your mortgage. We understand that mortgages aren't a one size fits all proposition. With our exclusive Mortgage Market technology, we're able to factor in a number of mortgage finance metrics to search for and secure the mortgage that's the best fit for you.

Over the past twenty years, we have helped fund millions of dollars of Canadians real estate mortgages and provided more helpful options than what is tabled by the bank. Shopallmortgages.ca is the one customer centric business you can depend on.

With roots as an early innovator in the online mortgage world, Shopallmortgages.ca is a top tier mortgage interest rate comparison site highlighting the best interest rates (although some "sale" rates are not allowed to be published -- so please call obtain) while also providing ammunition to take back to you bank if you're simply comparison shopping your mortgage renewal. Don't be surprised though that your bank is not that competitive and welcome you to let us assist you and manage your current and future mortgage renewals. Lastly, we provide full end to end sales and support with mortgage fundings and in certain "rush" cases can in fact fund a mortgage in as little one business day (although most mortgages need 3 weeks from beginning to end for funding).

We have some additional helpful connections too -- So, if you don't know a Building Inspector or Lawyer to help "close" your mortgage, it's not a problem as we also have a full suite of service partners in the trades such as but not limitied to: Lawyers, Notaries, Building Inspectors, Appraisers, Builders, Renovators, Painters and even more.